About Us

Archimedes Capital invests in a range of venture capital, private equity, and alternative asset deals, from seed to pre-IPO or later company stages, focusing on those opportunities that utilize or can be accelerated to success with the unique resources Archimedes' principals bring to bear. 

As technology and operations executives with decades of experience and connections, including in a variety of arenas that demand the utmost confidence and trust of US and allied leaders, Archimedes' principals are able to invest with great discretion and add significant value.  

These connections, skills, and investment judgment combine to reduce risk, and improve returns for Archimedes' portfolio.  

Archimedes' principals (all US born, US-resident, US citizens) have been building and advising companies for more than three decades; we have led the investment of multiple billions of dollars since 1993 with a significant multiple cash on cash return and helped entrepreneurs create multiple billions of dollars of value in turn.